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CWC Brochure
2012 August Outreach Flyer
2011 COL/Ropes Course Training - MT

2011 Events Flyer

Who Are YOU Climbing With Gospel Tract

2013-2014 Ski Tour Brochure

2010 Family Adventure Race (FAR)

Alpine Adventures Tech Gear Requirements
Alpine Adventures non-Tech Gear Requirements

Release of Liability Waiver - Adult

Release of Liability Waiver - Minor (under 18)

CWC Servant / Guide Application

Stan Bio
Facilitator Certification Certificate

2011 October Facilitator Training 
Riverveiw Camp Waiver

2005 Sum-Fall Newsletter
2007-08 CWC Booklet
2008-09 CWC Booklet
2009-10 CWC Booklet 

2011 Fall Newsletter

2012 Winter Newsletter

2012 Spr-Sum Newsletter

2012-13 Winter Events Flyer

2013 Winter Newsletter

2013 Fall Newsletter

Free Bible
Backyard Backcountry DVD
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A Whole New Creature

A Christian Gets Saved

A Living Faith (James 2:14-26)

Sowing to the Thorny Heart (Luke 8)

Our Anchor (Band of Brothers Camp)

Sinners or Saints? - Sanctification (pt 1)
Sinners or Saints? - Sanctification (pt 2)
Faith Without Works is NOT real
Sovereign Freewill and His Will Be Done 
A Tangible Love (Romans 5:8)


An Introduction to Backcountry Skiing & Boarding

Avalanche Safety Shovel Compression Test

Avalanche Safety Rutschblock Test
Beacon & Search Technique
Col 2010 Day 3 - Beacon Training
Probing Technique
Shoveling Technique

More videos on our video page

If your are interested in downloading the latest outing flyer or other .pdf files, resources, and downloads, please click on the above links. May God bless these tools for your good and his glory! Thanks for your prayers.