Introduction to Alpine Backcountry
Ski Touring Day Clinics

Ever wondered what it’d be like to “Down-hill” ski in untracked backcountry powder? How about tour along a 6-7000’ ridgeline with 360 degrees of awesome and inspiring views of British Columbia’s Kootenay mountains in the middle of the winter backcountry. Or… perhaps you’ve been considering getting into Backcountry Skiing for some time, but not real sure what the proper steps are? Maybe you just bought your first AT setup?? Our Introduction to Backcountry Alpine Ski Touring Day Clinic is designed to allow “regular” people to experience what is involved in a short backcountry ski tour.
Although suitable for those with some ski touring experience, this course is designed for first-time people who want to “check it out and see” first, or those who’d like to experience things such as: getting in and out of alpine touring bindings, the use of climbing skins, dressing for uphill and downhill travel, following in a skin track, setting a skin track, equipment packing and selection for ski touring, safe travel in or near avalanche terrain, and “what is the beacon thing all about?”


By attending one of these day touring clinics you can get a good introduction to what goes into backcountry skiing and touring. If you already own ski touring equipment, this course will give you a chance to take your gear outside of a ski area so that you can start to get a feel for what will be required in terms of avalanche training, fitness, and practice before you can feel comfortable backcountry skiing on your own. If you do not already own equipment you can borrow the skis, boots, and poles free of charge AND learn the basics of a beacon, shovel, and probe so that you can decide if you like touring enough to justify the expense of your own equipment.


NoteIt should be noted that this is not an avalanche awareness course. We will be at times talking about snow conditions and general avalanche concerns, but will not have time to go into avalanche training in much detail. Participants will definitely be encouraged to also  join in on one of our Christian Outdoor Leadership (COL) Ministry and Mountaineering Seminars in April and June, and/or to take a Level 1 Avalanche Course as part of the educational process leading to competency as a backcountry skier, or winter trip leader.

Advanced Backcountry Skiing & Touring 

BIGGER terrain options and longer tours! More vertical! Steeper steeps & chutes, and bigger leaps. Single and muli-day touring, powder skiing and ski mountaineering adventures. Further your backcoutry skills and Avy awareness. Outings tailored to your individual and/or group desires and abilities.

Check our Events and Activities page for outings already on the calendar, or call or email for further information and/or available 2016 dates!

YEAH... Yeah!! Yeah!!! Come and Skee it for yourself!!


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Directions Travel Map 

Meet in front of The Falls Market (Downtown Metaline Falls), head north to the Border, and on to Kootenay Pass (30 miles North of Metaline Falls). Some group introductions & hot drinks, gear check, safety guidelines for the day, prayer, and head out.



Meet in Metaline Falls (The Falls Market)


Meet at Visitors Cabin at Kooteney Pass


Group Introductions, Gear and safety checks, Outing guidelines and prayer


Tour, ski, tour, ski, lunch, tour ski, tour, ski


Return to Visitors Cabin at Pass, Gear returns


Depart for Metaline Falls


Metaline Falls



Full color brochure 
with touring information and requirements