Christian Outdoor Leadership

Minisrty & Mountaineering School


11 Week Guide Apprenticeship Course 
Mountain Skills 
Week 1: Alpine camping skills. Gear basics, strengths, care, and maintenance. Packing packs
Week 2: Leadership, group dynamics & management. Basic first aid & weather 
Week 3: Route finding & orienteering. Map, compass, altimeter, GPS use
Week 4: Basic rock climbing techniques. Belay systems & top rope anchors
Week 5: Rappelling & rope rescue
Week 6: Advanced rock climbing. Lead & alpine climbing and anchors
Week 7: Winter travel and camping
Week 8: Snow safety, avalanche awareness, beacon use
Week 9: Snow & ice climbing and anchors
Week 10: Glacier travel, self and team arrest, crevasse rescue 
Week 11: Skill review and assessment, skill testing, graduation climb 
Discipleship / Ministry Topics
Session 1/week 1: “Can’t preach what you don’t know… can’t give what you do not posses” 
Personal testimony. What I believe. Written Statement of faith. (2 Tim 2:15, 1 Pt 3:15)
Session 2/week 2: “Who’s authority… God’s calling IS my enabling”
The Bible. The whole gospel. Being “born again”. (John 3, 1 Cor 1-2, 2 Cor 5:17-21)
Session 3/weeks 3-4: “The greatest of all will be the servant of all”
Death at the cross. Death to self, J.O.Y., Serving others. (Romans 6)
Session 4/weeks 5-8: “As Jesus walked”
Personal devotion and holiness. Vertical first then horizontal. Walking in the Spirit. Self-discipline, moral purity & healthy relationships, biblical modesty, stewardship as to the Lord. (Titus 2:10, Gal 5)
Session 5/ week 9: “God revealed to all through creation”
Creation - God’s revelation to man, seeing God through his creation. The outdoor classroom.  (Romans 1)
Session 6/weeks 10: “Go into all the world”
Making disciples. Biblical leadership & evangelism. Using my individual gifts.
Week 11: Graduation and certifications  

For detailed course information and/ registration packet please contact us by phone or email.

Course openings: Up to 3 Students 

Dates: January - April 2017

Tuition, room & board fee: $2100.00


Apprentice Guide Course Curriculum and Details .pdf

11 Week Apprenticeship Guide Course equipment list .pdf

Apprentice Guide Course application registration packet .pdf 

Industry Guide Course Price Comparison .pdf

6 Week COL Mountain School

Course openings: Up to 12 Students

Dates: Spring - Summer 2016

6 Week Mountain School fee:  $240.00